In 2009, I was a newly married 22 year old living two miles from the beach in Orange County. As a retail manager at a pharmacy, I was moving rapidly up the corporate ladder.

I was getting promoted left and right. I felt confident to lead my team. Life wasn't just good, it was great!

One day, I noticed a rash on my neck, then the next day it had spread up to my face and down to my legs. By the end of the week, I was covered head to toe in an unrecognizable and mysterious rash. I went to the dermatologist and tried the products and advice he gave me but nothing helped. I then met with my primary physician to get to the root cause. He ran every test but all the results came back normal or inconclusive. Then the unspeakable happened. Over 50% of my hair fell out.

I couldn't understand why these experts had no answers. I mean, they were the doctors. Who else was I supposed to turn to? You can imagine how I felt. Ugly, disgusted, defeated and embarrassed. Everything I tried hurt. Water burned my skin. The medications burned my skin. It was just too much!

I didn't want to look at myself in the mirror. My self-esteem began to get so low that I didn't even recognize the person starring back at me. My marriage started to decline rapidly because of how I felt about myself. One day, I went into the bathroom at my sister's house and cut off all my hair, leaving only a 1/2 half inch. I covered my face with makeup to hide my shame and became determined to find a solution.

I was in my junior year at the University of Oklahoma studying Business Administration. I changed my major to Liberal Studies Administrative Leadership with an emphasis on Research and Quality Incentives. Basically, I learned how to do data collection, research analysis and use that information to help businesses better serve their customers.


My Wild Thought


I discovered cosmetic ingredients were actually causing my skin rash by reading and educating myself on the labels, which lead me to read articles on why these ingredients are toxic for your body.

I taught myself how to make natural, non-chemical products and started using them daily. Six weeks later.... My full-body rash was gone, my scars had lightened or disappeared completely and my hair was growing back for the first time in two months.


Since that pivotal chapter in my life, my specially-formulated products have evolved even more. I've studied herbs and plants, I've taught myself how to make CLEAN, NOURISHING and REPLENISHING body care products that work. I grow my own crops and I have hand-crafted these serums, soaps, soaks and more with love because I know they can make a difference in the lives of other people.

Wildling Botanicals is the result of my proven and research-based botanical blends.

If you are looking for luxury self-care products to have healthy, shiny hair and glowing, moisturized skin, look no further.