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Lavender Dreams Hair and Body Oil

Himalayan Lemon Pink Salt Scrub

Whipped Shea Butter


Wildling Botanicals

Let the Self - Care Journey Begin

Self-love is a practice, but so worth it when you understand your worth. 💖 It's not always easy to do on our own, but when we make the effort, the rewards are so fulfilling. 🤩
Wildling Botanicals are dedicated to helping you find balance and beauty in your everyday life. 🌿
Andrea Endres Skin Body Spirit Summit logo Creator of the No.1 Free international Summit on Holistic Skincare

Jackie is such a source of knowledge for anyone out there who is looking to upgrade their health using simple, yet effective home made herbal remedies from skin and health care. It always is an absolute pleasure to collaborate with Jackie who has been a valued, recurring and very appreciated speaker at the Skin Body Spirit Summit. She truly has a gift of turning complicated matters like herbalism into understandable and applicable knowledge approachable for anyone who's interested in the wonderful world of herbs. Thank you Jackie for being so communicative and on point, you are a delight to work with and such a great soul and to have as a colleague in the online health space. 🌿

Rachael Pontillo profile The Nutritional Aesthetics Alliance, LLC logo President and Co-Founder

Jackie is a wonderful mentor and consultant for holistic small business owners. She leads by example, is excellent to collaborate with, and brings the right combination of inspiration and practical strategies to those she serves. I love having her in my network.

Adam Kawalec Life coach | Change & Motivation Expert | Certified Online Business Manager | Speaker & Workshop facilitator | Aspiring Author

Jackie was a speaker at my online Authentic Business Building & Marketing summit talking about the importance of your WHY in business - and how to find it. Jackie was such a delight to interview for the summit. She has so much experience and is a woman who definitely walk her talk. Jackie is living her why in most (if not all) things she does. And she shares her personal stories as well as her experience from working with many business owners to help make the point about running a business that is for YOU








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