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Do you look at your ingredients?

Everything you put on your hair, skin and nails needs to be natural and chemical-free. You don't want to pollute and damage your body. Your skin is your largest organ. What you put on your skin ends up inside your body! Nature knows how to repair itself, let's follow the earth's example.

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Plant Power

​All ingredients are sourced from Wildling Herbs, a family-owned farm. They have locations in Colorado and Oklahoma. Wildling Botanicals only supplies Wild-Crafted, Non-GMO and Organic ingredients.

What are the Benefits?


💐Perfect for Sensitive Skin

💐Calming for eczema and psoriasis

💐Rich in Vitamin C

💐Lightens and brightens skin

💐Improves skin tone

💐Soothes burns

💐Improves skin texture

💐Doesn't clog pores

💐Relieves flaky skin

💐Calms itchy skin

💐Reduces redness

💐Added vitamins


🌿Great for all skin types

🌿 Adds to skin luster

🌿 Helps promote new cell growth

🌿 Soothes Itch

🌿 Encourages dead skin cells to fall off

🌿 Protective for your skin keeping toxins out

🌿 Exfoliate and smooth your skin

🌿 Free ingrown hairs

Sunflower Oil

🌻 Absorbs fast

🌻 Vitamins A, B, C, D, and E

🌻 Great for sensitive skin

🌻 Moisturizes the skin

🌻 Good for all skin types

🌻 Contains antioxidants

🌻 Helps with the aging skin

🌻 Helps pimples and acne

🌻 Helps skin’s collagen elastin


🥑Great for eczema and psoriasis

🥑Rich in omegas 3s

🥑A natural source of magnesium

🥑Absorbed through the epidermis and into the dermal layer of skin

🥑Helps dry skin

🥑Helps flaky skin

🥑Soothes sunburns

🥑Enhances the body’s rate of producing collagen


🍇 Rich in linoleic acid

🍇 Rich in omega-6 fatty acid

🍇 Moisturizes skin

🍇 Softens Skin

🍇 Hydrates skin

🍇 Light and absorbs quickly

🍇 Not greasy

🍇 Provides building blocks of healthy cells

🍇 Helps with dryness

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