Tip 3: Life Experiences Will Shape And Mold You – You have to trust the process.

Enjoy the journey. I really mean that. Life has a way of shaping us and molding us into something beautiful. When I was 20, I hit the lowest point of self-esteem in my life. Over 70% of my hair had fallen out, I was covered in a head-to-toe rash, and I didn’t recognize the person staring back at me in the mirror. I was at the pinnacle of my professional career in the corporate world. I was young. I had friends. I was fit. I had connections. To the outsider, I had it all. However, internally I was miserable.

Out of that horrible experience, I was able to create Wildling Botanicals (my natural skin and hair care line). I began farming my key herbal and plant ingredients. I was blessed with a platform to share my experience of wellness to reach other people who were also dealing with various health issues. How did all that happen? I acknowledged that something was off in my life. I assessed what I could do to change it and what was beyond my capacity and let those things go. From there I was able to create products that helped heal my body. Through fixing my external body, I was able to start an internal process that supported taking back my life and sustaining long-lasting change.

It’s a long process because living a holistic life is not something you do once and check it off your To-Do List. It’s a daily check-in with your emotions, as well as your mental and physical wellbeing. There are no shortcuts to do that. However, my hope is that these tips give you a blueprint for how you might take back your own life. You’re no longer powerless and stuck on the rollercoaster of emotions controlling you. That way, when the bad weather rolls in, you feel more equipped to weather the storm and live a more holistic life.

About The Author

Jackie Johnson is a Holistic Brand Strategist who founded Wildling Botanicals, Wildling Herbs and Wildling Dreams Consulting. Through her businesses, she has created proprietary body care and herbal supplement products from homegrown, clean ingredients she farms herself.

Jackie’s credentials also include a 15-year career in business, helping grow retail, hospitality and fitness companies before striking out on her own to create luxury wellness products she wasn’t finding in the marketplace. She brings a much-needed perspective to the beauty world by joining nature and business together to empower people inside and out.
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Jackie Johnson
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Jackie Johnson: @jackie_johnson_ceo
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