Who knew that in 2009 when I was going through my health crisis that it would result in me creating Wildling Botanicals and clean beauty products that connected my own wellness journey holistically. Moreover, my voyage gave me a platform to touch other people’s lives through Wildling Dreams.

Wildling Botanicals was birthed out of my personal stress, anxiety, low self-confidence and desperation. Every product I now create is formulated from my heart and experience. Every time I receive a testimonial from a happy customer who loves my products it reminds me that I did not go through this valley for nothing.

At the beginning of my journey, I was narrowly focused on healing my physical body, but that was only one part of the real transformation. After taking time to nurture growth in my own garden of life, I was able to have children (which I was told was impossible by doctors). I was able to balance my life and truly seek what I’ve always desired. My personal relationships blossomed. My empathy increased with others around me. I connected with people on a day-to-day basis on a deeper level than ever before.

Every time I have a speaking engagement or interact with people now they can see the new me. They do not see the old frustrated angry version I used to be. All of this practice of self-care and all of this is true wellness is the key to live a holistic life.


So… what state is your garden in?

About The Author

Jackie Johnson is a Holistic Brand Strategist who founded Wildling Botanicals, Wildling Herbs and Wildling Dreams Consulting. Through her businesses, she has created proprietary body care and herbal supplement products from homegrown, clean ingredients she farms herself.

Jackie’s credentials also include a 15-year career in business, helping grow retail, hospitality and fitness companies before striking out on her own to create luxury wellness products she wasn’t finding in the marketplace. She brings a much-needed perspective to the beauty world by joining nature and business together to empower people inside and out.
To find out more visit:

Jackie Johnson
Wildling Botanicals
Owner & Founder
Phone: 720-277-9399


Jackie Johnson: @jackie_johnson_ceo
Wildling Botanicals: @wildling_botanicals

Source: https://www.cherrycreekfashion.com/issue/jackie-johnson

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