3 Ways to Live a Holistic Life

I love gardening. By far, it is the funniest part of my business and a pleasure to do. But, the one thing I despise is a sudden change in the weather. On a sunny day, I feel like the world is mine. I can take plants from the greenhouse and put them in the soil. I can sit outside of the greenhouse making up new floral combinations and arrangements. Life is good. On a rainy day, life is still going well and I know my farm needs the moisture but something inside of me wants to be outside enjoying a sunny day. Then during a fire season like this year, I am in a constant state of fight or flight. Covering flowers, running things into the greenhouse, and watering everything like crazy so none of my plants will fry and die.

I just took you on an emotional roller coaster. Now think, what is the only common denominator on each of these days? ME!

About The Author

Jackie Johnson is a Holistic Brand Strategist who founded Wildling Botanicals, Wildling Herbs and Wildling Dreams Consulting. Through her businesses, she has created proprietary body care and herbal supplement products from homegrown, clean ingredients she farms herself.

Jackie’s credentials also include a 15-year career in business, helping grow retail, hospitality and fitness companies before striking out on her own to create luxury wellness products she wasn’t finding in the marketplace. She brings a much-needed perspective to the beauty world by joining nature and business together to empower people inside and out.
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Jackie Johnson: @jackie_johnson_ceo
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